Tokyo Metropolitan  Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center

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Business InnovationNew businesses/products, joint research and developing new technology

Assessing business probabilistics
Business Strategy Support Office

Professionals assess and advise SMEs(Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) on new business plans. Businesses that demonstrate potential receive continuous support from startup to commercialization.

Supporting design applications

Collaboration between industry and universities as regards design innovation (joint product development between SMEs(Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) and universities)/Design support seminar/Tokyo designer information (designer data base)/Guidebook for using design/Design catalog

Supporting SME(Small and Medium Enterprise) business innovation in
disaster-stricken prefectures, etc.
Comprehensive Support General Affairs Section

We support new manufacturing businesses by encouraging SMEs(Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) in Tokyo and disaster-stricken prefectures to collaborate with large corporations’ development and trial manufacture divisions.

Training for commercialization (support for new product development by integrating manufacturing and sales)
Jonan Branch Office

We support new business expansion efforts of SMEs(Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) as regards product development and commercialization.
Planning and development - Trial production - Product concept (training for development of salable products)/Product commercialization - Marketing (practical training for commercializing new products)/Networking sessions, commercialization support, etc. (development of manufacturing personnel)

Supporting inter-industry and academia-
industry cooperation (large manufacturers,
research institutions and universities)
Tama Branch Office

Networking sessions support joint research and development while coordinators provide ongoing support to businesses.


Promoting industrial rehabilitation projects through urban functionality

Employing three industry promotion organizations, this service offers optimum support for developing new business projects within the industrial community - a core aim of research and development in the Tama area.

Business ExpansionDeveloping new markets and acquiring trade information

Providing trade information
Trade Promotion Section

We assist companies on how to take and place orders.
Note: Advance registration required.

Developing new markets
Business Strategy Support Office

We guide SMEs(Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) on introducing their in-house products and technologies to trading companies, manufacturers and others. The support service continues for two years and is monitored by 60 business navigators.

PR publications, etc.
Planning Section

Argus  Business Support TOKYO

We publish Argus, a PR magazine containing useful information on management, and Business Support TOKYO, a business magazine sent to about 20,000 firms in the Tokyo area. We also manage a distribution service whereby we enclose leaflets and fliers with Argus and Business Support TOKYO.

Technologies from Tama to the world!
Operating “Site of Technology TAMA”
Tama Branch Office

We introduce SMEs’(Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) products and technologies in the Tama area.

Intellectual PropertyIntellectual property (patents, designs, trademarks, copyrights, technical know-how, technology agreements)

Advice and support
Intellectual Property Center in Tokyo

Experienced counselors advise you on patents, designs, trademarks, copyrights, technical know-how, technology agreements and other items.

Intellectual property strategies (support
for niche businesses)
Developing awareness of intellectual

Intellectual property symposiums/Seminars/Manuals/Web-based introduction system of attorneys

Subsidies related to intellectual property

Costs of foreign patents, designs and trademarks/Costs for investigating overseas patent infringement /Costs for examining patents

Global business Tokyo SME Support Center

Among the divisions of Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center the comprehensive support for SMEs in terms of their internationalization is handled by Tokyo SME Support Center through various activities as explained below.

One-Stop Consultation for Global Business
Tokyo SME Support Center

Global Business Consultants give advice on global business including export, import, Investment and global business expansion free of charge.

HANDS-ON Support for Developing
Global Sales Channels
Tokyo SME Support Center

We provide “HANDS-ON support” for SMEs, especially those which have excellent competitive products but are hesitating to enter into global market due to lack of experience.
Well-experienced “Global Navigator” provides HANDS-ON support for development of global business.
e.g. Support for participating foreign exhibitions

Introduction of Collaboration with Tokyo Companies
Tokyo SME Support Center

Tokyo SME Support Center has a Thailand Branch Office, Support Desk Indonesia and Vietnam.
We are supporting foreign companies intending to collaborate with Tokyo companies.
We select Tokyo companies potential for business collaboration and make necessary arrangement with them.
Our services are Hearing, Matching, Advisory, and Follow-up.

Global business seminars
(in Japanese language)
Tokyo SME Support Center

Practical Training Course for personnel working on international trade
Training Course for making leaders for global business

Thailand Branch Office
Thailand Branch Office

The Tokyo SME Support Center has newly established a branch office in Bangkok, Thailand
for Tokyo-based SMEs keen to expand their excellent technology and products around the world.

SubsidiesReceiving subsidies

Subsidy systems
Subsidy Section

・Support for SME(Small and Medium Enterprise) management and technology activation (Subsidies for developing new products/technologies/Subsidies for acquiring ISO certification/Subsidies for market development)
・Programs conducted by companies and NPOs for renewal of shopping districts
・Strategic technology programs to solve urban issues
・Support for aerospace industry ventures (Subsidies for acquiring JISQ9100 certification/Subsidies for acquiring NADCAP certification/Subsidies for producing trials of PMA parts and first product tests, etc.)
・Support for groups looking to strengthen the manufacturing industry
・Subsidies for regional SME(Small and Medium Enterprise) support funds
・Subsidies for trade fairs, etc.