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personnel Support Personnel are one of the keys for development and glowth.

We help establish foundations for efficiently developing skills and motivation to make your firm more successful.

Human Resources Training

Developing human resources and training employees

Support for human resources development

Trade Promotion Section

Human resource development is provided free of charge.

Custom training

Custom training courses aimed at developing personnel or supporting improvements/renewal efforts are provided when and where upon request and to suit any need or budget.

Training and seminars

Professional Career Development Support Section

Business management training (different positions, manufacturing/technology, sales, legal affairs, personnel, general affairs, etc.) and IT management training (business efficiency and market development using IT)
Recruitment support seminars/Training for ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO27001

Introducing others to SME(Small and Medium Enterprises) manufacturers (internships)

Trade Promotion Section

Special consultants coordinate high school internships. (Companies that accept internships receive subsidies.)

Social Services

Promoting environmental awareness and social-services employment

JOYLAND (members-only welfare benefits program)

Professional Career Development Support Section

Offering employees of member businesses (and their families) discounts to amusement parks, sports clubs and resort facilities.

Mental health seminar (for supporting workers' mental health)

A mental healthcare course to support the mental health of regular employees, supervisors and mental health personnel.

Group insurance (premiums are less expensive than individual subscriptions)

Mutual Aid Office

(1) Income compensation (2) Medical security (3) Accident and indemnity (4) Cancer compensation

Mutual aid for sickness and injury (for family workers and sole proprietors)

Covering sickness, injury, hospital visits and home healthcare.